Your Ace in the Sleeve

Mandelbit is a software consulting firm specialized in networking and distributed systems.
Expert developers and networking gurus have come together to provide companies with the required know-how, often too expensive to grow in-house. With its years long experience in FOSS projects, network protocol designing and programming, Mandelbit is capable of building top-to-bottom solutions tailored around the customer needs.
We listen, we learn, we solve your problems.

Our services include:

Software Customization

We take your preferred codebase apart and we extend or rebuild it in a way that helps you reaching your goals.

Specialized Debugging

We dig deep into your most complex protocol and we find out what's wrong.

Performance Improvement

We profile your protocol and its implementation and we attack time consuming routines.

Focused Consultancy

We are open to face to face sessions aimed to discuss very specific issues.


Some of the Open Source Software we work with

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We are always evaluating new projects and proposals.

Send your enquiry to:

info [@] mandelbit [.] com

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