ICT solutions and development firm

Mandelbit is a software development firm specialized in networking and distributed systems.
We help our partners in every phase of the product development: from early design to final implementation.
By taking care of the core technology and other critical components, we allow you to focus on what matters most.

Our services include:

Software Development

We take care of developing the core technology that will drive your next successful products.

Specialized Debugging

We analyze your worst legacy protocol and we find out what's wrong.

Performance Improvement

We profile your protocol/algorithm and provide you with a plan to scale it to the next level.

Focused Consultancy

We help our partners grow by discussing and solving specific issues in the networking world.

Customers Portfolio

Past and present Partnerships

Industry leader and creator of the most renown VPN software in the world. Focuses on provididing top-class VPN solutions to small and medium enterprises. A few years ago has also started a consumer-grade VPN service called Private Tunnel.
With more than 50 million downloads, the OpenVPN software has earned the name of most trusted and used VPN technology. Website
Smart networking equipment manufacturer, born from the ashes of Open Mesh, produces and distributes cloud controlled WiFi Access Points and Switches.
Thanks to its advanced user interface, customers can interact with their networks and all their devices from a single webpage, with no hassles. Website
Cloud technology provider, enables various hardware companies to build their products faster and smarter.
Connects the world of services with the world of hardware manufacturing. Website
Hardware manufacturer focused on portable networking devices for security concerned consumers.
Nonprofit organization that makes usable tools to help people around the world with censorship, security, and privacy.
Develops open software to circumvent Internet blocks and allow free access to knowledge and information. Website
Now known as Datto Networking (by Datto Inc), was a WiFi Access Point manufacturer focused on low cost and easy to use devices. Website

Open Source

Some of the Open Source Software we work with

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We are always evaluating new projects and long-term collaborations.

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